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Where are nuclear weapons?

Which countries have nuclear weapons? There are currently 9 countries with nuclear weapons, together they have about 13,000 nuclear weapons.

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What happens when a nuclear weapon explodes?

Nuclear weapons are the most powerful weapon ever created. The damage from a nuclear weapon comes from a blast wave, thermal radiation and radiation.

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The consequences of nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapons are unique in their destructive capacity: a single weapon can devastate a city, or a country, in an instant and kill hundreds of thousands of people.

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A single nuclear weapon can devastate a city in an instant

Nuclear weapons are unique in their destructive capacity. A single nuclear weapon can devastate a city and kill hundreds of thousands of people in an instant.

A nuclear explosion means a severe humanitarian disaster. The intense heat of a detonation causes bodies to completely vaporize and cause severe burns. The pressure wave travels several miles crushing buildings, infrastructure and people. The radioactive fallout that follows can cause radiation sickness and cancer that can lead to death.

With hospitals in ruins, medical personnel killed or injured and a lack of medical equipment, it will be very difficult to treat the large number of the injured.

For teachers

Every generation has an opportunity to change the world. This is our chance to abolish nuclear weapons. Through knowledge and commitment, we can influence our own and our children’s future.


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“All mankind is now learning that these nuclear weapons can only serve to destroy, never become beneficial.”

/Alva Myrdal